The host city



The city of Lille hosts for the first year this jumping stilts competition.


With more than 230,000 inhabitants, Lille, in conjunction with the associated towns, Hellemmes and Lomme, constitutes the largest city in the North of France. At the heart of an agglomeration of 87 municipalities, Lille, with its French and Belgian neighbours, is part of a cross-border metropolis of 1.9 million inhabitants in the centre of a Euro-Region.

This privileged geographic position, enhanced by a high-quality transport network, makes Lille a veritable gateway to Europe.


Indeed, people from across Europe are attracted to Lille, with its quality of lifestyle, economic dynamism, cultural vitality and festive energy.

Increasing numbers of tourists are coming to discover Lille and are contributing to the reputation of the city.


With 14,000 new inhabitants since the latest census in 1999, Lille currently enjoys a demographic dynamism which pushes the city into second place in terms of population progression in France.


Following the Vieux-Lille quarter, which has rediscovered its former splendour, then Euralille, the new business and commercial centre, it is now the turn of all ten districts of Lille to be targeted in the Urban Development Project, conceived hand in hand with residents in the aim of improving the quality of city life.


Major cultural infrastructures, new squares and gardens, new local services, new housing initiatives: all of these projects are founded on a single ambition - to build a framework for social inclusion across the city.